Your Best OEM Parts Business Partner
  • WooJin provide differentiated OEM Parts business promotion service on the basis of
    years of accumulated Know-How and network.
    Article1. Responsibility and duty for customers
    1. We always pursue to fulfill customer's satisfaction in priority and To be the best supplier to the customers is our objective.
    2. We always listen to the customers opinion and certainly keep the promise with customers
    3. We protect our customers property and information in the same level as our company's
    Article 2. Trust and respect between constituents.
    1. We build safe work environment based on the trust and the respect between constituents.
    2. We respect personal creativeness and provide fair competing opportunity.
    3. We protect working member's health and safety in the priority.
    Article 3. Relationship with business partner.
    1. We communicate frankly and transact fairly with cooperating companies and business accounts.
    2. We provide fair opportunity to cooperating companies in the basis of product quality, service, technology, price and pursue for common benefit by ensuring reasonable
        business condition.
    3. We pursue for the competence advantage by the merits of product and service, and professional performing.
    4. We protect the property and the information of cooperating companies and business associates.
    Article 4. Social responsibility.
    1. We follow national policy, related law and international agreement.
    2. We make, keep and report all the information and account.
    3. We do our best to make and keep effective relationship with associated society and local organization and local society.
    4. We contribute to mankind's health, natural resources and protecting global environment